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Protective Scalp Oil

Nashi Life Protective Scalp Oil is the smoothing and protective scalp oil Formulated with the innovative extract of Japanese Sakura, Cashmere Keratin and Organic Argan Oil. Protective Scalp Oil prevents and contrasts irritations and peeves caused by technical services, reducing eventual marks on the scalpWith a soothing and healing action, it also creates a protective film on the scalp that lasts long.

Nutri Activator

Nutri Activator is a stabilised nourishing activator, developed according to the beauty cream’s composition for protecting the scalp and hair. Nutri Activator is available in 7, 20, 30 and 40 volumes. Nutri Activator 7 volumes for tone on tone. Nutri Activator 20 volumes to cover gray hair and to lighten up to 2 tones. Nutri Activator 30 volumes to lighten up to 3 tones. Nutri Activator 40 volumes to lighten up to 4 tones.


Ecofriendly Color

Nashi Life® color is characterized by an enveloping texture, an easy mixing and a quick application. Ammonia free. Nashi Life® guarantees bright highlights, with maximum respect for your hair. It guarantees excellent performances: it lightens up to 3 tones in 30 minutes and covers up to 100% of gray hairs. It is available in 72 nuances.
The ecofriendly color is made up of 3 parts: Color, Nutri Oil/X Nutri Oil and Nutri Activator.

X Nutri Oil

X Nutri Oil, to mix only with new Serie X5 Neutralising Super Lighteners. It's a protective and nourishing fluid enriched with, as Nutri Oil, Biocomplex AKL (Argan Oil, Keratin Cashmere, Natural Lanolin). X Nutri Oil guarantees excellent natural results. it can lighten up to 5 tones. To get very light blondes!

Nutri Oil

Nutri Oil is the real activator of Nashi Life® coloring system: a protective and nourishing fluid Argan Oil, Cashmere Keratin and Natural Lanolin. The Nashi Life® “Oil phase” provides a coloring process that guarantees the required stability of lightening and the effectiveness of cover. Ammonia free. Does not contain vaseline or paraffin, guarantees total skin protection and no annoying odors.

Nutri Oil Tone on Tone

It transforms NASHI LIFE color in a tone on tone highlighting with excellent and exciting performance. It ensures coverage of gray hair by 90%, perfect highlighting, high brightness and an incredible softness of the hair, as well as ease of use.  The perfect balance of the formula ensures the perfection of tone height and a long duration of the desired reflection.
It does not lighten.