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Degradè Service

From Nashi Life the innovative Degradè service: the bleaching service most requested from all the stars! The real trend of the moment: from Belen Rodriguez to Bianca Balti, the most famous stars wear these soft shades of color on their hair.

Degradè service consists of soft steps of color from the root to the tips and you can obtain it through different tecniques.

From Nashi Life a unique proposal to realize the Degradè service: it is called Nutriblue and acts in the real respect of the hair.

Dust free blue creamy bleaching paste Formulated with
HYDRA BALANCE SYSTEM with Jojoba Oil, it maintains the hair hydrolipidic balance for the maximum protection. Nashi Life Nutriblue keeps the hair hydratation and it doeasn't damage it. Up to 6 bleaching levels in 45 minutes and you can use it already with low volumes.

Nashi Life Nutriblue ensures excellent results:
- Defined uniform highlights
- Soft and silky hair
- Shiny ends
- IMMEDIATE light effect

The execution is easier for the l'Hair Stylist:
- Application more precise then usual bleaching products. It provides a better control of the result.
Avoid inhalation
- Ideal for free-hand techniques.

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