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Landoll renews the Organic Perm Line. It has been created MEMORY ORGANIC PERM ELASTIN+

Landoll renews the Organic Perm Line implementing a redesign of both product and image.

It has been created MEMORY ORGANIC PERM.

MEMORY ORGANIC PERM enriches its formula with ELASTIN+ complex, real plus of the line.

ELASTIN+ contributes to:

  • To give hair an ultra-elastic memory effect.
  • to let clients enjoy their new hairstyle with great naturalness and no risk of damage whatsoever.

The combined action of the natural ingredients, Cysteamine Hydrochloride and Cashmere Keratin, enables stylists to achieve excellent technical results, for well-defined, long-lasting curls and no damage to the hair fibre.

The formula’s special blend of essences significantly reduces the unpleasant fumes generally produced in salons during a conventional perm, but above all, it eliminates the residue on clients’ hair.

Thanks to its new formula, MEMORY ORGANIC PERM satisfies women’s natural desire for change and overcomes the typical limitations of fine, limp, unstructured hair.