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Nashi Life Protective Scalp Oil

Posted by Nashi in Beauty

Nashi Life completes its color service in Salon with Protective Scalp Oil, the new soothing and protective scalp oil

Formulated with the innovative extract of Japanese Sakura, Cashmere Keratin and Organic Argan Oil, the new Nashi Life protective Oil is thought to prevent and contrast irritations and peeves caused by technical services in Salon.

In fact, in the case of very sensitive scalp, irritations may occur and they can cause burning sensation and unwanted marks. Thanks to Protective Sculp Oil, client can make the color service in Salon in absolute tranquility.

If applied in the more sensitive areas of the scalp (frontal, back side ears and nape
) before a technical service, prevents and contrasts irritations, which is the cause of irritations. If applied on the face contour, it reduces the possibility that the colour could stain the skin.

With a soothing and healing action, it creates a protective film on the scalp that lasts long.

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